2007 OK1CO

Mast and Titan DX building 2011.08.04

Mast and Titan DX building 2011.08.03

Mast and Titan DX building 2011.08.02

Mast building 2011.05.25

Mast building 2011.05.24

Mast building 2011.05.19

Mast building 2011.05.18

ICOM - HF/VHF Transceiver IC746Pro

ICOM - Power supply PS125

Fan after contest

Antenna and pramplifier switching ....

VHF/UHF contest 5.-6. July 2004 (OK1KQI club stration)

VHF contest 4.-5. September 2004 (OK1KQI club station)

Czech activity contest 16. Januar 2005

VHF/UHF contest July 2005 (OK1KQI club stration)

VHF/UHF contest May 2006 (OK1KQI club stration)

Czech activity contest Juni 2006 and DK7ZB antenna testing

VHF contest September 2006 (OK1KQI club station)

VHF/UHF contest May 2007 (OK1KQI club station)