Antenna switching - controller

In spring 2019 I broke my finger on left hand and I can't switching antenna with my mechanical switching, for this I developed electronics switching controller with microcontroller ATMEGA328P, with many buttons, LEDs, relays and controller. Now I can switch all my antenna between three transceiver and chose the right one. Down you can see few pictures of this controller. 

All configuration are stored all the time, and after power on I can use previous configuration. From controller I can switch all remote relay switch by antenna position. Please see also my topic "Principle of antenna switching". I tested this controller during contests and OL700CO operation, it's very good help for antenna switching. Complete controller use 4 PCB with electronics, and from another two PCB I made front and rear panel.

I still have few PCBs for sale - if you have interes, contact me please.

Front panel without button


Rear panel without connectors


New controller and old mechanical controller


Output relays PCBs


Assembled front panel


New and old controller


New controller during operation