TRX 2 switch

For the new antenna switching I need to switch between 3 TRX to one antenna wire. For this I use this modified 1:3 antenna switch. It has one special think. Standard antenna switch have unused contact connect to ground what is very dangerous for you TRX in this my configuration. I used this redesigned PCB and unused TRX is connected to 250W dummy load instead of ground. During OL700CO I used this special antenna switch for new antenna switching in position TRX 2 in my antenna switching and few times it protected PA in TRX. Please see more on my another topic "Principle of Antenna switching". This switch I use inside my ham-shack.

I still have few PCBs for sale - if you have interes, contact me please.


New - modified antenna switch, unused input from TRX are connected to dummy load





Inside you can see 3x dummy load 250W