HF equipment

Main transceiver - YAESU FT-DX5000MP / 200W on all HF bands

USB Interface mikroKEYER III from microHAM for FT-DX5000MP with build in 24-bit sound card


Transmitter ICOM IC-746Pro. Allband, allmode transceiver for 1,8 to 144MHz. Output power 100Watts.

USB Interface mikroKEYER II from microHAM for IC-746Pro


Transmitter YAESU FT-897D. Allband, allmode transceiver for 1,8 to 440MHz


USB Interface mikroKEYER from microHAM for FT-897D



- Titan DX

- vertical for 30/40m and 15 radials

- Inverted VEE for 80m

- 3el Yagi for 14/21/28

- 5el. Yagi for 6m


Antenna switching

Home Made antenna switch - please visit my HW page

It's possible to switch between 3*TRX / 4* antenna group and 6*antenna on all positions



RF-KIT - RF2KS   - Heavy duty amplifier, min 1,5kW out on all HF bands with antenna tuner and power supply